Friday, 23 October 2020

See How To Take Care Of Natural Hair In Nigeria


Girl! I promise your natural hair is pretty! No matter what you feel about it, here’s why? 

At least, seven out of ten women have experienced a struggle with their natural hair.
See How To Take Care Of Natural Hair In Nigeria

Missing that fluff and shine of your hair? Or starting your hair care journey?

What about the products already present in your bathroom cabinets?

Were you using wrong products all along? 

What exactly is stripping their hair of nourishment?

Don’t let these tormenting questions stress you out. At a point, the whole hair care thing seems burdensome to many. Since approx. 70% of people are unaware of what routines to follow or stick to old school routines which definitely do not give expected results in today’s world. 

Thursday, 1 October 2020

What if he hasn`t come on board in BBN? Lessons learned from Laycon`s Victory.

So about Laycon's Victory, I see how all of a sudden y'all became his fan celebrating him and promoting him on your social media pages and it's really a good thing. But I want to ask; do you think this guy really needs your support now? Well, I don't think so when someone is in the limelight and has seen success already, he doesn't really need your support anymore. People need you to believe in them and support them when they are still coming up not when they have already succeeded.

What if he hasn't come on board in BBN? Lessons learned from Laycon's Victory.

Don't get it twisted I'm an advocate of success and I'm genuinely happy for this guy success. But my point is this, we all have friends, family and loved ones who are gifted with various talents. How much support and encouragement have you given these people around you? People need your support more at this point. 

A Complete Guide of Buy New Property

It is not easy to find investment property; many effects and risks behind invite a great deal. Owning a rental property has both risks and rewards whenever you are thinking about buying property. There are several wealthiest people produced by real estate, so there are few reasons to believe that this is a sound investment. 

A Complete Guide of Buy New Property

It is better for you if you agree to deal and dive in with hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Significant Steps Before Buying Property

9 Mistakes Of Common Health Most Women Makes

You are trying to eat healthily, exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle, but you often go through the day feeling tired, sleepy and completely exhausted. If it sounds familiar to you, read on this 9 Mistakes Of Common Health Most Women Makes to discover some of the most common health mistakes many women (especially those who are trying to drop weight) make. 

9 Mistakes Of Common Health Most Women Makes

Sometimes, we make these small yet harmful mistakes without noticing it. We want to reach our fitness, weight loss and health goals, but often end up making at least three of these health mistakes. Now it’s time to consider your lifestyle once again and avoid making these nine most common health mistakes down the road in order to live a healthier and longer life. 

How To Start A Whatsapp TV Business In Nigeria

WhatsApp TV is another trending online money-making avenue for anyone who needs some passive income this 2020. And with over 24 million active WhatsApp users in Nigeria, having a community of about 5,000 daily status viewers shouldn’t be something unattainable. So far, you have your ways to sourcing for exciting short videos and pictures to feed your audience; you are already on the path of earning about N50,000 per day in Nigeria. 

How To Start A Whatsapp TV Business In Nigeria

What is WhatsApp TV? 

A WhatsApp is a special WhatsApp account created for the sole purpose of posting content for a large number of people on WhatsApp via status update. 

Why should you start a WhatsApp TV on your WhatsApp status? 

Well, to me, I believe making legit money is a big reason to recon with to do anything in Nigeria. And a couple with the prestige and influence it gives you over thousands of people. And an avenue to meet more people. I mean, what is as impressive as having fun while making money online? Prestige is a cream on the icing here! 

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

See How to build a multi million naira company in Nigeria

Having a business company in Nigeria is one of the beliefs that every Nigerian has because the situation in the country is unbearable that the citizens depend on themselves for livelihood because the government is undependable and unreliable due to corruption in the system of government. So, every citizen irrespective of their family backgrounds believes there is no solution to the current situation.

See How to build a multi million naira company in Nigeria

However, many Nigerians now invent into all kinds of lucrative businesses to maintain and sustain their needs and to cater for their families. In this article, you will be learning the process of building a company and it cannot be accomplished without explanation of the ways of starting a business because it's a roadmap to starting a multi million naira company.

Few Things You Don’t Know About Taaooma

Nigeria Popular Social Media Celebrity and Sensation whose name is Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam and popularly known as Taaooma is a Cinematographer, Event Host (MC), and a proudly Muslimah who hails from Kwara State.

Few Things You Don’t Know About Taaooma

Taaooma is the CEO of Chop Tao, a Food Company as she usually said "Chop Tao, Chop Life", Taaooma is also the first lady of The Greenade Company. 

Right from the kid, Taaooma had gotten so much passion for her craft as she indulges in various Skits making and also into Several Memes. 

See How to Make Your First Online Sale

By the time they set up their online shop, they all crave telling them that ‘’how to make money online’’. It is a turning point in each entrepreneur's journey. When you haven't gotten your first sale yet afterwards, do not be discouraged. 

See How to Make Your First Online Sale

You spent all that time finding the ideal platform for your online sales, finding the hottest products like cars for sale, house, wigs, cheap home, food and properties in Nigeria, sourcing amazing pictures for the goods, going through heaps of topics to get the perfect one for your shop, and setting everything up perfectly. Now, you do not wish to close your store due to a lack of sales.
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See How to Make Money on e-commerce Website

It is always tough to reply to sprouting eCommerce folks when they ask. "What amount of money would I manage to create by having an eCommerce website?" or “How eCommerce makes Profit?” The explanation for this is fundamental: Even though there is no guarantee to gain. There is also no limitation on the amount of cash you will have the choice to make. It will not make a difference if you expect to win $10,000+ always or only try to maintain some extra money for after. For any period that you are keeping your eCommerce satisfactorily, you will choose to get there at whatever money associated goals you set for yourself.

See  How to Make Money on e-commerce Website

We have made this guide to inform you of the very best method to start making sales together with your eCommerce. And we have integrated some free devices that you may use to help you cope with your funds. Towards this guide’s conclusion, you will be filled with eCommerce ideas to gain for your eCommerce website.

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

PSC Solar UK Debuts COVID-19 Contactless Portable Solar Powered Hand Wash/Sanitizer Stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Benin and Togo

Africa's Largest Solar PV Panel manufacturer and Total Solar /Hybrid Inverter Electricity backup Systems integrator PSC SOLAR (UK) has once again set the pace with its new Innovation and technology.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of this groundbreaking and life-saving innovation, on Monday, August 3, 2020, in Lagos, the Senior Project and design Engineer, Engr. Emmanuel AJAYI proudly confirmed that these portable Covid-19 hand washing/sanitizing stations were conceptualized in Nigeria, Designed in Nigeria, built in Nigeria by Nigerian engineers using 100% local materials.

PSC Solar UK Debuts COVID-19 Contactless Portable Solar Powered Hand Wash/Sanitizer Stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Benin and Togo

Engr Ajayi further stated that it is high time that Africans started looking inward for solutions to problems rather than sitting around and waiting for others to provide solutions for us.

This is our own contribution to the excellent job that Lagos State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria is doing towards the fight against Covid-19, Engr Ajayi further stated in lauding the combined efforts of the Presidential task force as well as the tireless efforts of the state government.
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Sunday, 21 June 2020

8 Reasons Small Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them

The role played by Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the development of any nation can never be overemphasised. The growth of a nation depends largely on its SMEs.
8 Reasons Small Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them

According to World Bank, SMEs are tagged important contributors to job creation and global economic development of businesses around the world. They represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. By 2030, 600 million jobs were expected to be created to match the need of the worldwide growing population.

About 21.5% of small businesses wind up within the first year in service. Knowing the things that might lead to failure in business and how to avoid them will help position your business for the growth.

See 3 Powerful Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Blogging can be a very hard piece of the puzzle to crack for beginners, but once you figure out the basic things about blogging, you won't find it so hard anymore and you might even find yourself enjoying writing posts on your blog. But, before you can start finding blogging easier or generate traffic to your blog, there are a few important blogging tips you should know and put into practice, especially If you want to make a living out of blogging. Here are some of them: 
3 Powerful Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers

1. Know Your Audience 

If you truly want to be successful at blogging, the first thing you need to do is to know and understand the type of people you're writing for and the type of content that those people would find useful. For example, if you know whether your audiences are new moms or people who like tech-related topics, it can help you write blog posts on topics they'll want to read about. And by doing this, you can make them visit your blog regularly because you write about things they care about. 
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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

See Tips to spend less and save more money during lockdown

In times of economic downturn, unemployment and financial crisis like this, it is pertinent to know those simple tricks that can actually help you to save more and spend less. In Nigeria currently, everyone is trying to adapt to this new system of staying at home so as to stop the spread of this deadly virus called Covid 19. But the truth is, Nigerians cannot continue this way for long without their essential needs. 

That notwithstanding, I have been able to come up with 5 tentative tips that can enable you to spend less and save more money in this lockdown. Trust me; you will enjoy this one. This is actually to educate us all on how we can manage the little we during this lockdown. So, what are tips to save more money and spend less in this lockdown?

Sunday, 17 May 2020

See How to wear Ankara prints Outfits

Ankara is a timeless staple African print you can’t do without. It is a wardrobe staple as well as a turn-up look for Aso ebi parties. The versatility of ankara prints is limitless. You can wear Ankara prints as workwear, casual outfit, stay at home wear, and of course parties. The key is how you style your Ankara print to give a different stylish outlook. So, in this post, I will be sharing more daring and stylish ways on how to wear Ankara prints outfit. 
See How to wear Ankara prints Outfits

Mix and match ankara prints 

A stylish way to wear Ankara prints is to mix and match the prints. You may wonder how you can make this work right! All you need to know is to use this simple tips to get the best outlook. One of such tips is to ensure that you mix two different print sizes. This helps to balance the prints. Also, match the colors on both prints. So, you can wear a print top that shares a common color with an ankara prints bottom. This style tip is also useful if you’re looking to mix and match other types of prints

Friday, 17 April 2020

How To Write An Ebook To Sell In Nigeria

Over the years, authors have been plagued with the unavoidable challenge that comes with writing and publishing a book in hard copy, especially in a country like Nigeria where publishers are hard to come by. This fact is fast becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of online digital platforms where writers can easily publish their books in digital format called the eBook

How To Write An Ebook To Sell In Nigeria

If you are an aspiring author or an expert looking to write your own book, you can utilize these online platforms to publish your works. This implies that you need to have an idea of how to write an eBook, and advance from the bane of offline publishing (hard copy publishing). 

An eBook is a digitally formatted book consisting of text that can be downloaded, displayed and read on computers and mobile smart phones. 

15 Best Air Fryers

With the introduction of the air fryer by Philips Electronics in 2010, there have since been an emergence of several other products into the market, maintaining the rhetoric that you get a healthier fry with less fat. The best air fryers are arguably the ones that may offer more features with advanced technology.
15 Best Air Fryers

Though this may be logically true, diverse consumers will most likely settle for an air fryer for diverse reasons such as its quick fry capability, size, easy maintenance, portability and easy to operate features.

This article is a run down of 15 best air fryers to help you to make an informed decision based on your speciFRIED needs.

Benefits of Sharing on Social Media

Over the years, the Social Media has since grown to become a powerful and effective virtual marketing arena in our modern world. With its ever-increasing flock of users that form an integration of communities with diverse interests, this virtual city where billions of people almost practically live now, is unarguably an ideal hub for today’s businesses, brands, musicians and everyday people looking to engage and make new buddies.

Benefits of Sharing on Social Media

Retrospective trends indicate a common practice amongst the users of the social media platform, which entails devising strategies to reach a desired audience for the sole purpose of building a loyal following. As there exists a large audience that may translate to potential clientele or fan base for content creators, so does relative competition that poses a major challenge when it comes to standing out from the flock. This has informed the need for a reliable yet cost effective means of publicity such as simply sharing on Social Media.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Current State of Ajaokuta Steel Company in Nigeria


No Nigerian can visit Ajaokuta Steel Company ASC, see investments of more than $8b rotting in the African sun and not cry. I went there, I cried. what exactly is the problem? I have written severally on this topic, but today let me do a comprehensive post.
Current State of Ajaokuta Steel Company in Nigeria

Ajaokuta Steel is massive, 68km road network, 24 housing estates. Some of the estates have over 1,000 homes, a seaport, a 110mw power generation plant. There are 43 separate plants in Ajaokuta alone. It is estimated that if Ajaokuta becomes operational, it will create 500,000 jobs.

There is no industrialized nation on earth that does not have a steel sector, it’s that simple. The Central Bank of Nigeria reports that Nigeria currently imports steel, aluminum products and associated derivatives of approximately 25 metric tonnes per annum estimated at $4.5bn

Monday, 16 September 2019

Living a Healthier Lifestyle as a Freelancer

With freelancing comes a lot of trappings and independent lifestyle

You work at from home your own pace, decline and accept jobs at will, work at your comfort zone, work at your time window and don’t have any boss to yell at you for showing up at work late. 
Living a Healthier Lifestyle as a Freelancer

All these liberties aren’t free of their consequences. You can escape them when you are just starting as a freelancer with very few workloads on your desk. 

However, things will change drastically when you become successful and if you can’t balance your work-life situation, it will take a toll on you. And this is one of the common mistakes freelancers make.

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Having a healthy relationship is a key factor in maintaining effectiveness at work, home, school etc., as it can reduce stress and enhance emotional stability. Sometimes, our actions tend to hurt people, even when we carry them out with the best intentions. Thus, learning to improve the quality of our relationships is essential to our health and happiness. Here are five proven ways to improve the quality of our relationship; 

Be There For Them 

Ever felt like someone was there with you but wasn’t really there at the same time? Sometimes, it may be funny to imagine why some people still complain of attention even when you’re there with them. The truth is they just feel a lack of connection because you seem to be there with them but not them. I mean, of what is your presence i n the room, if you’re just would spend all that time on your phone/computer.