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How To Start A Whatsapp TV Business In Nigeria

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WhatsApp TV is another trending online money-making avenue for anyone who needs some passive income this 2020. And with over 24 million active WhatsApp users in Nigeria, having a community of about 5,000 daily status viewers shouldn’t be something unattainable. So far, you have your ways to sourcing for exciting short videos and pictures to feed your audience; you are already on the path of earning about N50,000 per day in Nigeria. 

How To Start A Whatsapp TV Business In Nigeria

What is WhatsApp TV? 

A WhatsApp is a special WhatsApp account created for the sole purpose of posting content for a large number of people on WhatsApp via status update. 

Why should you start a WhatsApp TV on your WhatsApp status? 

Well, to me, I believe making legit money is a big reason to recon with to do anything in Nigeria. And a couple with the prestige and influence it gives you over thousands of people. And an avenue to meet more people. I mean, what is as impressive as having fun while making money online? Prestige is a cream on the icing here! 

WhatsApp TV CEOs are superstars in their right. You get the recognition while doing the things you love. And I dire add you are making your audience happy by relieving them of boredom and daily stress. Tell me why can can’t join the WhatsApp TV business in Nigeria and still have all the time to do other things? 

How to start a WhatsApp in Nigeria

Here is a 6-step guide to becoming a WhatsApp TV (safe to say WhatsApp influencer). Let’s get into it!

1. Get a good phone

Maybe not in the initial stages, but you will need it when your TV audience grows along the line. Phones with low RAM and memory tend to hang from overload. High capacity phones will get you up and running. Which phone should I go for? That depends on you and your preferences. However, I strongly advise you don’t buy anything below 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM. Trust me; you will thank me later for this! And also, save your contacts directly on your email! It is a lifesaver. 

2. Choose a niche

WhatsApp influencing is a game of interest. For example, I love sports and indifferent to fashion. A WhatsApp TV for sports will trigger me compared to a TV that parades itself as a jerk of all trades. Crazy, I guess! There are numerous niches you can explore, just like other types of social media influencer marketing. To mention a few, sports, fashion, make money, forex and crypto, xxxtainment (18+), trends, twitter savages, memes, politics, books club, and an endless list of other niches.

3. Choose a name

Choose a short, fun, and engaging name for your WhatsApp TV. A short, simple, and niche-related name is a good start. For a sports TV, you could be “hotspot” TV, which depicts your TV is sport-focused, and your viewers expect super-hot vibes and hot sports updates. Point to note is your name, unique identity, and first interaction with your prospects, make it hot and cool.

4. Create a WhatsApp Business for your TV

You can use your normal WhatsApp application. However, I believe this is a business, and it will be great if you run it like one. Set up your business account using your TV

name and an awesome logo related to your niche and prospects. Logos come in handy. For example, I love Insight TV because of its logo engagement. So as much as twitter savage, PotTV, and several others. This might sound crazy, but trust me, it is true. 

5. Post quality contents 

Now your WhatsApp TV is up, the next thing to do is start posting engaging content on your WhatsApp status. This can be text, videos, pictures, memes, jpg, etc. And don’t forget your first audience are your friends. They are your existing WhatsApp contact. Supposedly you are using a new number, don’t hesitate to add them to it. It is much better you earn money through them than you pressing them for money. 

6. Grow your WhatsApp status view 

The lower ending part of this article explains how you can get your WhatsApp TV status viewers. Please read further. Meanwhile, I dare you to put your time, energy, and finances when starting your WhatsApp audience. Why? Because it is a three-digit money-making avenue. Please don’t look down at it. 

To make money on WhatsApp as WhatsApp TV, you need to grow your WhatsApp status views. Let’s dive into how to do that! 

How to boost your WhatsApp status view by 1000% 

I guess you will have less than 50 – 100 daily status viewers as a starter. Trust me; it is not bad at all. 90% of the successful WhatsApp on your list started just like this. And the best thing is I’ve got proven tips to boost your WhatsApp viewers like magic! 

  • Create a WhatsApp link: You can create a custom link for your WhatsApp TV with You can also use the GB WhatsApp. It plays a vital role in branding your TV and also boost your audience. 
  •  Create awareness: Inform your friends about your WhatsApp TV. 
  • Ask your friends to refer: Since your friends are aware of your WhatsApp TV, seek their support to inform their friends. Send them your link and ask them to upload to their status. 
  • Watermark your posts: Embed your TV name and phone number on your posts. Your viewers will most likely reshare some of your lovely posts. And you have no idea how far this can go. 
  • Post quality content: This will keep your current audience engage. Plus, it is paramount. 
  • Join WhatsApp groups: Be relevant and introduce your TV to different WhatsApp groups. Don’t abuse this, please. 
  • Utilize social media ads: Facebook and Instagram ads work like magic. You can give it a trial with less than N500 
  • Referral: Create a referral program for your WhatsApp status viewers to refer people to your TV. 
  • Advertise on other WhatsApp TVs. 
7 ways to make money on your WhatsApp Views 

1. Sponsored posts and ads: Once you have enough views (1000+ recommended), Feel free to invite your viewers to advertise on your WhatsApp status. Tell them what they stand to gain and try and ensure they get the convert they need. It helps you get more referrals 

2. Sell your products: A sports WhatsApp TV can sell sports kits and betting tips. You also have the fan base, feel free to make money out of your efforts. 

3. Affiliate marketing: With affiliate marketing, you get a commission for whatever sales your affiliate partner gets from you. 

4. Network marketing: If you like network marketing such as Forsage, running a TV links you with more prospects right from your status! 

5. Sponsor a paid class: Supposedly, you have a digital skill you want to teach people. Now might be the best time. Advertise it on your status and fold your hands as your fans troop in. Easy right? 

6. Referral: Image a referral package like PiggyVest? Earning N1000 per each person you refer is not a small thing at all. 

7. Contest in competition: You can join any competition package that offers people the highest likes some money. This is quite popular on Instagram. 

Bonus - Partner with WhatsApp Advertisement agency! 

You see, I really want you to make some cool money off your data. Particularly one that will not stress you or take much of your time. You can partner with the WhatsApp Advertisement agency. These people pay you to post daily advertisements on your status. Note most of them require that you have at least 100 daily status viewers.


I am Gideon Oluwajuwon Akinduro, a lifelong student, blog-writer, copywriter, and web developer. If I'm not doing any of those productive activities, I'm probably playing PES or FIFA and, at times, reading some books.

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