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15 Best Air Fryers

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With the introduction of the air fryer by Philips Electronics in 2010, there have since been an emergence of several other products into the market, maintaining the rhetoric that you get a healthier fry with less fat. The best air fryers are arguably the ones that may offer more features with advanced technology.
15 Best Air Fryers

Though this may be logically true, diverse consumers will most likely settle for an air fryer for diverse reasons such as its quick fry capability, size, easy maintenance, portability and easy to operate features.

This article is a run down of 15 best air fryers to help you to make an informed decision based on your speciFRIED needs.

Cuisinart TOA-65 toaster oven air fryer:

The Cuisinart fryer is fashioned from the convection oven, rectangular and spacious enough to house over 1kg of French fries. Its quality performance has your fries coming out evenly cooked and crisp in the shortest possible time.

Apart from having the dedicated function for dehydrating and proofing, it was designed to not only air fry but to broil, toast and bake your foods, which makes it a good buy for the value for your money.

Ninja foodi:

The Ninja foodi air fryer doubles as a pressure cooker and an air fryer as well. The good thing about this fryer is its impressive crisping results on anything from French fries to chicken. It utilizes the excellent capabilities of its pressure cooker to cook your food in less than no time and delivers it as a golden crispy delight, not only salivating to devour but also attractive to behold.

It's easy to read interface features other functions that allow you to steam, dehydrate and slow cook, which makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for quality and compactness.

15 Best Air Fryers

Cosori air fryer:

The bane of most air fryers is in their inability to accommodate a large quantity of food at once. You end up waiting long hours to be served after the next batch is done, frustrating right? Cosori air fryer can easily make it to your kitchen table for the simple reason that it comes with a large basket that provides for a larger amount of cooking at a go.

Its touch screen control panel features 11 presets, designed for stress-free cooking. Another very interesting feature is that it is a smart cooker with an app that can have you controlling it to prepare a whopping 100 recipes. What a great choice for a sizable family. No wonder it has become the bestselling air fryer on Amazon.

Philips air fryer:

The Philips brand have over the years, meticulously maintained the promise to air fry your food with the best results of crispiness and less fat. It’s not trying too hard to impress you with any of those fancy touch screens and not so realistic hi-tech presets.

This large machine holds its own among all its various competitors in the area of delivering your food as an evenly cooked and crisp finish. It is undoubtedly the best air fryer which comes in XL and XXL versions. Though it’s a bit pricey, it got real value for your money.

Instant vortex plus air fryer:

The Instant vortex offers very impressive results with its cooking and frying capabilities. It is impressive enough to make you overlook the setback of its inadequate beginner’s guide. But if you happen to be a pro, you can maximize effortlessly, the benefits of this kitchen’s valuable toy.

It also boasts of 5 functions on the digital control panel and a bright light that illuminates the interior chamber.

Breville the combi wave:

This model is a 3 in 1 combo air fryer which comes in a form of a convection oven. The excellent feature about this combo is that it can serve as an oven for convection bake, a microwave for reheating leftover meals and an air fryer to cook your fries.

It also features a n easy to use digital controls which comes with presets as well. The brown light in the interior of the Breville air fryer tends to create a golden reflection that will sure serve as inspiration for your next recipe.

Black + Decker purifry:

Black and Decker is just a simple straightforward air fryer, which looks quite similar in design of the Cuisinart brand. Although it doesn’t come with all the fancy digital features that may tickle your taste, it is sure to deliver your fries, chicken and even cake with that brown crisp finish you always see on the recipe channels.

15 Best Air Fryers

If you are looking for a more affordable yet effective option for a fryer, Black and Decker may be a good choice for you.

Chefman turbo fryer:

This very portable air fryer can be a great choice for a bachelor or lovey dovey couple looking to acquire something simple and cheap to get their fries done. It doesn’t offer any hi-tech stuff but promises to cook your fries and anything that can manage to fit into its rather small heating chamber.

For a bachelor living in a small space, Chefman turbo fryer is a great choice because it can easily be stashed away without taking up so much space.

Krups fast fry deluxe:

This stainless pot with a premium look, promises to deliver your basic fries and chicken with that crisp, golden brown top excellently. Like most other fryers in the market, it has a digital control panel that comes with automatic presets. A plus with this stainless fryer, is its non-sticky coat that aids a n easy wash.

Dash compact air fryer:

Dash compact is a made to cater for a portion of fries, very small in capacity and perfect for a loner. This air fryer does a great job at air frying your food if you don’t force too much food into it than it can originally handle. The Dash compact air fryer is not only cute looking with its dazzling color coat, but also dish washer friendly.

Power air fryer XL:

The Power air fryer can cook and crisp a sizable amount of food even though it’s smaller in capacity compared to every other air fryer product in the market. This generic looking air fryer comes with easy to use digital controls featuring cooking presets as well.

If you plan on trying different recipes with this smallie, its easy read recipe booklet will sure come in handy.

GoWise electric air fryer:

If you’re looking for a reasonable priced air fryer that quite as effective as other air fryers GoWise might be a wise choice for you. It is rather smaller in capacity than most air fryers but has consolations such as its easy to use touch screen control and its removable easy wash basket.

T-Fal ActiFry multi cooker:

Give your kitchen space a sense of belonging with this multi cooker. Ensures your food comes out evenly cooked and crisp with its amazing feature of the rotating arm. It has a filter which helps to ensure that your kitchen remains odorless after cooking.

The good thing about the T-Fal ActiFry is its very low cost. So, you don’t need to pay through your nose to own a respectable air fryer.

Krups Fryer delight:

If you happen to be looking for something cheap and portable, this could be a great pick. It has a very lovable dice shape design, small enough to be a space saver if you own a small kitchen.

Though it comes with a conventional knob control as opposed to the fancy digital controls peculiar to most other products, it will accommodate a sizable amount of food and cook it well.

Farberware HF-919B air fryer:

Farberware HF-919B air fryer is one of the quietest air fryers in the market. You wouldn’t mind its retro style dials because of its relatively reasonable price and excellent performance.

Its basket can accommodate a good amount of food just enough for one or two people and does a great job at cooking them well.


With this list of 15 best air fryers, hopefully you will find and make a choice compatible with your speciFRIED needs. Really, all fryers are meant to fry and crisp your food without that oily fat residue.

At least that was the original rhetoric which unarguably should still hold. Aside other additional benefits of the best air fryers, the basic functions of cooking and frying your food with less fat remains a major relevance.

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Credit | Writer: Akanimo Williams (Kani Writer)

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