Friday 29 June 2018

Story Time: I come from a village that`s so small; a village where everybody knows everybody, a village where everybody loves somebody.

I come from a village that’s so small; a village where everybody knows everybody, a village where everybody loves somebody.

You can call it a small village, but for me, it is a big family.

Some years ago, there lived in my village two sisters, Ada and Aku, with their only brother Amadi.

Amadi was my very good friend, and through him I became very close to their family.

Story Time: I come from a village that`s so small; a village where everybody knows everybody, a village where everybody loves somebody.

They lost their parents to an unknown disease at a very young age, but we all became a family to them.

Due to my closeness to their family, there were things I knew about them that a lot of people didn’t know about.

One of such things was their closeness to a particular strange man. A man I never got to know his real name, and nobody knew where he came from.

But whenever he came into our village, he would always lodge in my friend’s house. He became very close to their family, and he loved them so much.

Tuesday 5 December 2017

If you answer yes to these 16 questions, you are marrying the WRONG man | Story of a Lady

If any of them relates to your relationship, treat them as the main red and FINISH flags.

I was a month after my wedding when I canceled my engagement, so trust me when I say I know what pain is the end of a long-term relationship. But, dear friend, if the relationship is wrong, the end will now be the best choice you can make.

If you answer yes to these 16 questions, you are marrying the WRONG man | Story of a Lady
If you answer yes to these questions or your lower stomach says something is wrong, do not marry that man. These red flags will help you to find out if you are in the wrong relationship.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 14

Episode 14

I cried continuously not minding that my daughter was watching me 
She was begging me to stop crying
But I didnt listen to her

I massaged my mother's leg 
She complained she only felt the pain on her left leg
I felt something like that too earlier in the day 

Mummy someone is at the door.

Go on and open it
It's your dad

Daniella carried her little chair over to the door
She climbed on it so her hands could reach the door

She shouted 

Philip carried her and threw her up
I've told him times without numbers to stop that act of throwing my daughter up but he wouldn't listen
Now I didn't even care

Mummy has been crying since morning 

Sunday 1 October 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 13

Episode 13

I woke up feeling so weak

I slept at the hospital

Oh it was a dream

God wanted to show me the kind of person elizabeth was

Mummy mummy I'm hungry

Grandma will find you something to eat

I have been so busy today

No mummy i need your food

She stamped her feet and started crying

This girl ehn

Your wahala is too much

Lets go home joor

Daniel was a little bit better yesterday

What happened today?

Oh lord please forgive me and heal my son

Let me go for his sake

QUEENDOM: Episode 12

Episode 12

Mummy why isn't daddy here?

please i want to see my daddy

Daniel was crying

I was crying also

Daniella was outside with grandma

Doctor had said we shouldn't stress daniel

That was why i sent daniella away

Daniel your dad is out of town please

He'll come and see you when he gets back

No mummy its a lie, i know you dont want me to see my daddy

My love listen to me

Its not like i don't want you to see your father but...

He didn't let me finish

Daddy daddy daddy oh

Friday 29 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 11


Episode 11

The wedding has to be done immediately
If not he would still find reasons to go and find Victoria

But how do we convince him to wait?

We can't convince him any longer
The wedding has to be done now
Elizabeth yelled at Esther

I quickly fixed something for myself and Daniella.
She cried for rice when I already prepared indomie
God! this girl is giving me headache oo

Rice would take alot of time
Please eat indomie while I prepare rice later....

No no I don't like indomie anymore

I went straight to the kitchen
She followed me saying she wanted to learn how to cook rice.
I shouldn't be doing all these to please her
On a normal day I'd just leave her to cry like that, when she's fed up she'll still eat the indomie
But Daniella was also running temperature, i had to give her whatever she asks for

Thursday 28 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 10

Episode 10

Okay dearie this is for you.
Esther said as she carried the tray of food over to me
I was starving already
Thanks Esther
What's in here?

Open it yourself she smiled at me

I know you like plantain very well so I fried this just for you alone
Without letting any one turn black

I watched her and smiled

Open it and eat

I was about opening the cover when daniel called out to me

I rushed over to him
I moved his body but he didnt say a word
Daniel you were saying something?

Esther got a big stick and threw it at me I screamed in pains


Mummy are you okay?
Daniella ran to hold my hands
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QUEENDOM: Episode 9

Episode 9

I sat by the hospital bed still praying and crying to God for my son's healing
Lord help me fight this battle
I can't do it myself
Daniella interrupted me as she opened the door and ran towards me

Mummy I'm sorry

Smart girl, I smiled
Its okay, I said and played with her hair
Where's your daddy?

He said he was going home
He left with that Aunty
Mummy who's she???

Her question got me confused
Must this girl notice everything?
I thought of what to say or do

She's the one taking care of your Daddy
I said scratching my head

Mummy what did you say?

I said she's the one taking care of your Daddy

My Daddy now has a nanny?

Oh Daniella!
okay! tell me, how was the rice Daddy got for you? Was it as tasty as mine?

Wednesday 27 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 8

Episode 8

Oh Lord, come here
I hugged her tight, 
Where did you go? When did u leave?
A part of me wanted to hit her for running away, but the other part didn't let me do that
It was all my fault, I asked her to get lost and she did 
Come and eat now
I carried her out 

Daddy! Daddy!! She called out as she ran to meet her father immediately she saw him.

Daniella where did u go?
You almost gave your mother and I a heart attack. My mum said.

Daniella are you okay? Why did u have to leave your mother without telling her
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QUEENDOM: Episode 7

Episode 7

Get up lets go inside 
I need to see Daniel 

But I acted like I didn't hear him

My mum rushed to me 

What have you done to my daughter you evil man?

Mama I'm sorry I did nothing to her, I haven't even seen any of  my children 

She exchanged an evil glance with Esther

Mum do you know her?

No I don't, she hissed....
By the way, what are you even doing here? 
You didn't come for my daughter when your mother asked her to move out, now you remember you have a son.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 6

Episode 6

What is wrong with you? Our daughter is missing and it was all your fault yet it doesn't bother you at all.
All you know is to start up a fight!


Shut up your mouth now. You dare not talk back when I'm talking. Are you mad or something? Now go, the inspector wants to have a discussion with you.

I watched Esther as she smiled to herself.
Oh! In her mind, she's now the boss.

I can see something has really taken over you. If not, when did you ever raise your voice at me? The Philip I knew would always stay by my side even when I'm wrong.
......Tears dropped
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QUEENDOM: Episode 5

Episode 5

I ran around the hospital 
Please ma,
Good morning please did you see any young girl around here? she's putting on a pink top and a short navy blue skirt.

No I'm sorry just arrived here!

Excuse me Sir, I'm looking for a young girl of about 4 years. She's putting on a pink top and a navy blue skirt. Did you see anyone that matches that description?

No no! No one like that has passed this way.

I cried again 
Oh no 
Why is all this happening to me?
It was almost getting to an hour and I still couldn't find my daughter.
I sighted my husband's car
I knelt down and started crying again

Monday 25 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 4

Episode 4

Can someone just explain to me why this woman keeps disturbing this line?

Elizabeth said to Esther

The new girl who had just joined the Queendom.
Oh she even sent a text, Esther come over here lets read the text
Wow perfect Annabel had succeeded in the job, I guess she'll be given a reward tonight Lets quickly delete this text so Philip won't see it.

Mum, did you see my phone?
I've searched all over my room for it but couldn't find it. I can't remember where I kept it.

Oh! I'm so sorry, its here. I found it in the kitchen and thought you forgot it there.
Thanks, but why didn't you bring it to my room? I've been looking for it all over the house. And I'm sure I would have missed some calls now.
Oh! I would have brought it. I just wanted to show Esther the pictures of your kids, she wanted to know what they look like.
In an angry tone, why must you show my gallery to this girl? Give me my phone now.

He snatched his phone and walked out of the room.

Hmmm don't mind him. Esther, you'll stay in this house, I'll still need to work on his brain. Anytime he does something you don't like table the matter before the Queendom or report the matter to me.


QUEENDOM: Episode 3

Episode 3

Good morning mum.
I knelt down to greet my mum who was already picking beans.

Morning my child. 
Hope you slept well?

Yes mummy, but I had a dream

She stopped what she was doing and was eagar to hear what my dream was all about 

An old woman was trying to oppress me, I really didn't see her face but I recognised the cloth she was putting on, you have something similar to that cloth i saw.

Saturday 23 September 2017

QUEENDOM: Episode 2

Episode 2

I arrived at my father's house after much stress 
I had used up all the money in me transporting myself back to my parents house.

My dad was late, and I was the only child.
My mum was really excited to see us.

Ahhhh! Welcome back oh

She carried Daniel on her laps while Daniella cried for grandma's touch also. 
They were just four years old
It would take a long while for them to understand what was going on between I and their father.

My daughter, take your things to your room, what are you still shedding tears for?

I took everything to my room, took a cold shower while my mum prepared a meal for us. I refused eating 
I just sat and watched how my kids ate to their satisfaction.

Mum you just dont get it
I mean she let me pack my things in my husband's absence, what if he comes back and asks after me? I heard when she said something to the gate man like he was getting a new madam maybe tomorrow. Mum I'm confused. I didn't do anything to her. I cant just let my marital home scatter like that, we need to do something.

Do what?
She shouted 
Elizabeth already said her son does whatever she tells him to do
So I'm sure he approved it already also.

Mummy what are you talking about?

QUEENDOM: Episode 1


Episode 1

No way!
My son can't continue living with you anymore, you better start arranging your things because you and those things you call children are leaving this house right this very moment.

I cried, crawled and followed my mother inlaw... 

But instead she went inside the house, parked all that belonged to me and my children out of the house.

Oya you better stand up now and leave this house before i call on the securities.

Okay, but at least wait till my husband comes back. 
I cried ever harder....
But my lovely twins played around the house not minding if I was crying or not.

No time to wait again, my son does what everything I tell him to do. 
So he wouldn't mind me chasing you out of the house.  Infact, he'll be thankful I did it on his behalf.

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Lady narrates how she was allegedly brutalized by Police in Rivers state for tattooing her body

Nigerian lady, Chioma Pius took to her Facebook page to narrate how Rivers State police officers brutalized her for tattooing her body as she was travelling from Bayelsa to Port Harcourt.

Lady narrates how she was allegedly brutalized by Police in Rivers state for tattooing her body

Chioma who is demanding for Justice shared photos of her injured body. She wrote;

“Today was a horrible day. I experienced the worst day in my life. Today I was brutalized by police officers. This happened at emohua axis of river state. At the highway leading to bayelsa. My crime was that I tattooed my body In this modern age.