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How To Write An Ebook To Sell In Nigeria

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Over the years, authors have been plagued with the unavoidable challenge that comes with writing and publishing a book in hard copy, especially in a country like Nigeria where publishers are hard to come by. This fact is fast becoming a thing of the past with the introduction of online digital platforms where writers can easily publish their books in digital format called the eBook

How To Write An Ebook To Sell In Nigeria

If you are an aspiring author or an expert looking to write your own book, you can utilize these online platforms to publish your works. This implies that you need to have an idea of how to write an eBook, and advance from the bane of offline publishing (hard copy publishing). 

An eBook is a digitally formatted book consisting of text that can be downloaded, displayed and read on computers and mobile smart phones. 

These are 5 major points that will be helpful in writing an eBook: 


When writing an eBook to sell in Nigeria, it is imperative that you strike a balance between your area of passion and the known wants of your target readers. You wouldn’t want to write about a topic that the majority of the public is not interested in. In the same vein, you must also consider a topic that you are well versed in. This will ensure that you give accurate information to satisfy the needs of your intended readers. 

Your decision on the topic to write about must be justified by its proven credibility to provide a solution to the demands of millions of Nigerians. This, to a considerable extent will instigate genuine interest and thereby attract eventual success in the sales of your eBook. 


As you embark on crafting your idea to write an eBook, it is better to think more like a marketer than a writer. A writer will just focus on creatively penning down information, whereas a marketer places emphasis on harnessing the sales potential of the eBook. Your ideas will remain useless if it has no selling point. Certain factors must be put into consideration when writing an eBook. 

The level of illiteracy: According to recent data released by the Ministry Of Education, it has been reported that 70 million Nigerians (which is about 30% of its population) cannot read or write. This is a very important factor to note when writing an eBook in Nigeria. This means your idea must be inscribed in very simple and straightforward English to ensure that your target readers are able to understand all the information you are trying to put through to them. 

Communication: The use of popular slogans and narratives can go a long way to help communicate your idea straight to your target audience. People tend to identify with whatever they are familiar with. It could be in form of their native language, like the quote by late Nelson Mandela which says, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” It is true that communication is a key factor to consider when you want to write an eBook. 

Gender: Gender is another important factor to consider in that some eBooks will come with ideas that may appeal to women while others may just be of interest to the male gender. Understanding this will help you tailor the style and tone of your writing to suit the particular gender in which the eBook is targeted at, e.g. writing a topic on how to apply makeup, will most likely be of interest to the female gender. So, with that in mind, your choice of words will be fashioned in a way that will appeal to the ladies. 


A catchy title is good for bringing attention to your eBook. Writing a shabby and boring phrase for a title may not attract any interest in your eBook. You may be confident in the potency of your super packed idea but what good is it when no one gets to read it just because the title wasn’t captivating enough. The power of a title cannot be overemphasized. The title of your eBook is meant to speak for the content as the content cannot be revealed until an interest is sparked to click on it. That’s the ultimate job of the title. 


With the fast increase of readily available digital content in the form of eBooks online, there is need to figure out winning strategies to thrive and compete favorably in the concentrated digital content market. One of the ways that is sure to be effective is peculiarity. Writing peculiar content helps your eBook stand out from the crowd. 

There is an ample chance that your niche and ideas already exist. So, your best is to use utilize your expertise and passion for that niche to carve out a different approach that will your idea be perceived as a fresh one. A unique content is always embraced especially when it found to be filling those loopholes that were eminent in the content of your competition. 


Always endeavor to do some research on the topic you want to write an eBook about, even if you already have a knowledge of it. Researching the topic will ensure that you give a thorough information for the benefit of your target readers. There may be cases where you will have to make reference to some vital information. In that event, don’t forget to assign appropriate credits to your source of information to avoid copyright penalties. 

Conclusion: At this point it is fair to note that when you want to write an eBook, you must also have it in mind that there has not been any significant amount of awareness in respect to general information concerning eBooks in Nigeria. Buying eBooks is not yet a norm in Nigeria. This is because of the decline in reading culture of Nigerians. According to a narrative by king Koboko, on the Nairaland forum “Nigerians don’t buy eBooks.” He went further to state that his sales statistics show that the most sales of his eBook is from other countries other than Nigeria. 

Having had this in mind, I suggest you take up a broader scope by writing about topics that are universally appealing while maintaining your reach to the Nigerian market. In this way your eBook is not limited to a small market.


Credit | Writer: Akanimo Williams (Kani Writer)

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