Tuesday, 2 February 2021

See How scammers Perform a well targeted attack on you

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  • How did he get my information? 
  • He knew my name? 
  • I taught he was from the Bank! 
  • Oh! All my money is gone! 
See How scammers Perform a well targeted attack on you

Have you not ever wondered how these online scammers get your information such as your mobile number, name, location and even date of birth, which they actually use to Zero your Bank account. What if I told you that you actually gave them such details; you gave them access to your information and they masked themselves as Banker workers to extort your account. 

The Reality 

They call you “Hello am I speaking to Adams Becky?” “ I am calling from Your bank, okay we are actually having a maintenance section to improve our services and your ATM was deactivated in the process, we need to reactivate your ATM card” “ Do you have it with you” “can you provide us with the information on your ATM card?......yes even the three digits at the back”. 

And when you provide this information on your ATM card they try to pull out your funds in your account, then you Banks send an OTP to your Phone Number for verification. You’ll be asked to send it and BOOM!!! Debit alert. 

I wouldn’t actually blame Victims of these type of scam because must time they are the non-learned and when someone gives you the exact information about yourself, you would totally trust them especially if you aren’t much educated and exposed. 

Truth is this method of Scam has become so vastly known that nobody falls victim any more. But don’t you ever wonder, How did these people get my Exact age, Location, and Name? 

The method they use to collect your is rather not direct but clothed in disguise. 

How Scammers Get your information 

Its quite simply, they just need you BVN [Bank Verification Number]. “But I never gave anyone my BVN” you might have not given it to any individual but might have pasted it somewhere. 

According to a Banker, he explained that No one can have access to your account even if they have your BVN, But they can Access your Full details including your name. 

Who could remember the Covid- 19 relief Google form, which most people filled and submitted online. Well, that’s a typical example, the Federal Government of Nigerian never gave Covid 19 relief funds through any Google form. The form you filled was definitely put out there by scammers and you helped them spread it. In the form, you filled out your name, State, BVN and Bank account number. The food was just brought right to the table, all that needs to be done is collecting and targeting each individual respectively. 

They Can now decode your Name and other information from your BVN and can boldly Call out you full name when they call you. 

Be Wise 

We leave in the 21st Century, where technologies are now becoming bondless. Nobody knows how these online predators could prey on you. They might use your information to perform a well-targeted attack, even on social media or they might start sending you spam messages. 

Unless it is a verified Government website/Portal, never input your information in any link or form, which asks for them in the disguise of funds or loan grants. 

Secure Yourself online…

Guest Post

Written by Annantram Peculiar Rana

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