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Best and leading livestock farming and supplier in Nigeria

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With the current situation in the country, the first piece of advice is to eat well and drink enough water. I know you are smiling right now to see where this advice leads, but actually, I’m heading to a better place for you to know that health matters and good food is the best solution to it.

In life, you don't really need much money to live a good and healthy life; all you need is a good place to get the right things your body needs to stay healthy, and that's what I am here to share with you.

Best and leading livestock farming and supplier in Nigeria

Have you been looking for where to buy livestock products like Snail Farming, Poultry Farming, Pig Farming, Catfish Farming, Dairy Farming, Goat and Ram Farming and Hatchery or who renders the services? Then search no more, as I’m about to ride you to the right company that supplies livestock products in Nigeria at a cheaper price with fast delivery. But before that let me put you through some good understanding of livestock farming.

Livestock Farming

Managing and rearing domesticated animals for the purpose of harvesting their meat and other products is known as livestock farming (milk, eggs, leather, etc.). It is also known as the economic activity of rearing domesticated animals for human consumption and collecting products including meat, milk, wool, fur, and honey.

Let me assume we have understood the meaning of livestock farming and why it's important. So the question now is which company supplies or does livestock farming in Nigeria? That leads us to Sir Ej Farms as it is the best and leading livestock farming supplier in Nigeria at a cheaper rate with fast delivery.

About Sir Ej Farms

As one of Nigeria's top cattle farms, Sir Ej Farms is in a good position. and as a result, they have been able to find the greatest personnel and equipment to run their business. In order to use best practices when it comes to the production of cattle, they have set procedures and plans in place. Edose Enaboifo ( Sir Ej) is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of SIR EJ FARMS ENTERPRISE with the Trading Name Sir Ej Farms is well positioned as one of the leading livestock farms in Nigeria. which is why they have been able to source the best hands and machines to run their operations with. They have put processes and strategies in place that will help them employ best practices when it comes to livestock production.

Sir Ej Farms Services

They take pride in offering a variety of services and goods related to exotic livestock. They are experts in growing catfish, goats, snails, dairy, rams, chickens, and pigs. Check out some of their services below:

Snail Farming

Snail Farming in Nigeria

The goal of Sir Ej Farms' snail farms is to grow high-quality snails of various kinds for the Nigerian and global markets.

In Nigeria, snail meat is a common food item that both the wealthy and the poor can afford. We carry the Achatina Achatina, often known as the "giant African snail," which has a large egg production capacity of 200 to 400 eggs.

With the help of cutting-edge equipment and knowledgeable people, they breed healthy snails for a healthy life. Together with other logistics, they assist entrepreneurs in setting up professional snail farms.

The sweetest part is that they made room for consultation, just in case you want to ask any further questions. They also offer both individual and cooperate orders, with home delivery included. To request a quote, kindly click HERE and fill out the form there, or you can contact the company directly.

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming in nigeria
Poultry Farming in nigeria

They are a reputable commercial chicken farm and egg producer dedicated to rearing hens and making eggs.

As needed by Nigeria's regulatory organizations, Sir EJ farming has established procedures and strategies that will enable them to implement best practices for commercial poultry farms and egg production systems.

Their business is raising and selling chicken. For poultry farming, they have high breed layers, broilers, and eggs (Table eggs generated by battery chickens in white, Table eggs produced by battery chickens in brown), hatching eggs, and speciality eggs.

Some Operations under Poultry Farming

They offer several services in their commercial poultry farms. They also have plans to add additional services soon. Currently, they are into:
  • Raising, processing and marketing chickens on a commercial level; we export chickens, processed chickens and eggs to other states.
  • Table eggs production by battery chickens (white)
  • Table eggs production by battery chickens (brown)
  • Hatching of eggs
  • Speciality eggs production
  • Sale of infant Chicks.

Pig Farming

Pig Farming in nigeria

The expertise in pig farming from Sir EJ Farms is available. ensuring the hygienic practices of pig farming while producing animals that are healthier and more able to withstand external threats.

In line with the unique demands of consumers and markets, their good farming strategy concentrates production. By using this strategy, they deliver the meat of a particular quality based on customer demand.

In addition, they ensure verified quality using well-known quality standards, tracking, and tracing, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience. Also, they consider sustainability to be a crucial link in the supply chain. Moreover, Sir EJ pig farming places a high priority on animal care.

Catfish Farming

Catfish Farming in nigeria

They produce fish for the market on a vast scale. One of the most prosperous and well-known fish farming operations in Nigeria is located in Abuja.

They presently produce 5000 catfish per month at their existing capacity. They were able to do this thanks to competent employees, competent farm managers, trained fishery experts, and farm labourers. Catfish production requires attention to detail and experience, both of which they have on hand to keep up with client demand.

With an aboveground tank that makes it easy to fill their ponds with water as needed, they regularly interchange the water to ensure a comfortable climate for our fish. they also spent money on a water purification system.

Some Operations

In fish farming, there are two main categories. The two are the grow-out pond business and the nursery. The grow-out operation is built on the foundation of the nursery business. We raise the nursery fish from post fingerlings, micro juveniles, and juveniles into grow-out or table-size fish appropriate for sale and eating after four to five months.

In addition to providing local retailers, Sir EJ Farms will transport live fish to its clients' doors.

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming in nigeria

Dairy Farming in nigeria

Sir EJ Farms choose enhanced breeds of cows that have been bred or crossed to produce high-quality milk and beef.

One of the biggest single integrated dairy farms in Abuja, Sir Ej Dairy has superior breed cattle over multiple hectares of land. They have trained and skilled veterinary experts to raise their cows for milk and beef production using an intense technique of animal husbandry.

They produce beef that is suitable for a healthy lifestyle as well as dairy products of the highest quality.

Goat and Ram Farming

Goat and Ram Farming in nigeria

Red meat, milk, and skin are just a few of the products that Sir EJ Farms offers.
The demand for goat meat has increased as a result of the recent development of goats as a livestock commodity in Nigeria and the growth of ethnic populations throughout the nation.

Red meat, milk, and skin are just a few of the products that Sir EJ Farms offers. The milk produced is also utilized as a substitute for cow's milk and the produced red meat is regarded as being very lean with little marbling.

They are a certified goat dairy in Nigeria that provides fluid milk and meat to several merchants all across the nation.

Breeding and reproduction feed and nutrition, management, facilities, animal health, and biosecurity are just a few of the services we offer.

Goat and Ram Farming in nigeria

The growing demand for fresh lambs raised near markets is primarily to blame for the expansion of the ram business in Nigeria.

At the moment, Sir EJ Farms is making ram products using high-quality lamb meat. Their business uses both extensive and intense production systems. Their rams are typically grown outdoors on grass all year long, with the exception of extremely cold weather, while in intensive production systems, the rams are raised indoors in clean, well-ventilated barns to increase productivity.


Hatchery farming in nigeria

All your day-old chicken needs can be met at the hatchery! Sir EJ Farms has you covered with everything from layers to unusual breeds to meat breeds.

Their lay hens provide high-quality eggs, and with the aid of a reputed hatchery, they can easily supply day-old chicks. Modern technology streamlines the handling of eggs along the supply chain, from the farm to the hatchery. Their system was created to guarantee the availability of healthy poultry products and day-old chicks.

They offer a sizable assortment of day-old chicks, exotic birds, poultry supplies, and equipment for sale.

About the CEO of Sir EJ Farms

Edose Enaboifo ( Sir Ej) is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the SIR EJ FARMS ENTERPRISE, and is the current executive chairman of SIR EJ GLOBAL LTD with the Trading Name (SIR EJ STORE based in the united kingdom. Edose Enaboifo ( Sir Ej) is also the founder of SIR EJ HOMES LTD and TRADE 4 FAST PAY a secure platform that allows you to convert your bitcoins to instant cash, and the owner of a number of other businesses across real estate, and finance. You can connect with him on Instagram with @sirejofficial

How to connect with Sir EJ Farms

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirejfarms/ (@SIREJFARMS)
Telephone: +2348134178317
Email: info@sirejfarms.com
Address: Plot No. D298, Kuchiyako III District
Kuje F.C.T Abuja

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