Saturday 4 February 2023

6 reasons people fail job aptitude tests and how to improve

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There is hardly any job invite that does not require an aptitude test. For many, writing an aptitude test can be the most challenging aspect of their career, especially when competition for the job is high. But in every job aptitude test, there will surely be top scorers and those behind the pass mark.

6 reasons people fail job aptitude tests and how to improve

It’s normal for most candidates to fail; that’s the point. Have you once failed a job aptitude test?

If yes, what can be the factors that led to it?

So, let's dive on and discuss what exactly might be the reasons why people fail aptitude tests and how we can improve your scores for your next job test.

1. Failure to prepare early

Have you heard of the famous quote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”? There is undoubtedly no quick road to success. And for all job applicants currently preparing for any job aptitude test, this quote quite fits in.

Preparing for a job aptitude test varies among individuals. Few applicants can swing into preparation within short notice (invites); others not quite easily. Preparing early before any job test can help you to take your time with revision and avoid last-minute cramming or rushing through topics. But if you are confused about the right way to implement these strategies in other to avoid a last-minute rush, Here are key ways to implement them-

-          Understand the nature of the examination

-          Have a prepared time-table

-          Ensure that you stick to the set aside study time and dates

-          Always take notes and review within study hours.

2. Studying the wrong material

What is so devastating than studying the wrong Exam Guide? Many job applicants have fallen victim to these circumstances because they lack access to study guides. For someone about to write a job test for the first time, past questions give you a feel of the examination's format, style, and question structure. In other words, it gives you an idea of what to expect as you try your hands on the questions.

Getting these materials used to be challenging but thankfully now you can just do an online search and find authentic study guides and past questions for any job test you are taking. These study guides have been curated into different formats to help you study more efficiently from the comfort of your location.


3. Applying for the wrong job

Many job seekers are in the habit of padding their CVs when they know their skills do not match the job criteria. And when they finally make it up to the job test - Failure and rejection. 

In every set of applicants for any job publication, there is every likelihood that some might not have the suitable qualification for the job. It is prevalent nowadays for job applicants to apply to whatever job ad they think is attractive, regardless of how (un)qualified they are.

But one thing is sure, you will surely be put to the test.


So, here are things to consider before applying to any job;

i.                    Do I have the required skills (both hard skills and soft skills),

ii.                   Does the role fit into my skills and experience

iii.                 Do I know anyone who works at the company?

iv.                 Does the job description fit into expertise and years of experience?

4. Not paying attention to your weak areas

Most times, job aptitude tests are conducted to assess candidates in terms of their skills, knowledge, ability, and personality. Candidates are bound to have weak areas in different job areas. These areas include:

-       Job knowledge test (hard skills); This refers to your on-the-job training for the applied roles.

-       Cognitive Ability Test: This area test your mental capacity to work in a position.

-       Personality Trait Test: This area test your personality if you fit into the company’s culture and position you are applying for.

-       Physical Ability: This test assess your stamina and strength.

To improve yourself on your weak areas in the areas above, spend enough time working on improving your weak areas.


5.      Not paying close attention to the details of the job invite

How well do you pay close attention to details? If this aspect has been your weakness, then there is every possibility that this can be a limiting factor for you in getting your dream job.

Every aptitude test comes with a guideline. Right from the aptitude test invite to the last minute of the test. If you have been invited to an online assessment (which is now common), pay close attention to all details to have the best experience while writing the job test online.

Also, for invites that are offline (at a confined location), you should pay close attention to the direction to the test venue, dress code, and other required information needed at the test venue.


6.      Unnecessary pressure

Preparing for any event or test can be difficult when pressure arises. Putting yourself under pressure will make you feel agitated, have a high adrenaline level, and possibly lose concentration.

For individuals who find it challenging to handle pressure most especially while preparing for a job test, here are some tips to assist you:

-       Start preparing early to avoid late preparation

-       Take task and study area from priorities.

-       Engage in exercise and healthy eating habits

As difficult as it might seem, you can pass that next aptitude test and have a good shot at the job if you do the work and follow the guides above. So start practicing with these guidelines now and improve your score.

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