Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Technology & Soccer: Important Advances of this Great Industry

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It is no secret that the world of soccer represents one of the most powerful and wealthy industries that we all enjoy. That is why technology has not been a disposable card for those who have been in charge of making this fun sport evolve.
Technology & Soccer: Important Advances of this Great Industry

Beyond the VAR, there are other implements that have contributed to a better fluidity of the teams and the spectacle that can be seen on the fields. In this article, we gone see a few that really brought some improvements into soccer.

What are the technologies that have improved our soccer experience?

It is not a secret that digitization has changed all of our activities, and soccer already has a great influence from these technologies; which allows us to watch live football as if we were inside the stadium. Thanks to these technologies we can also watch free livescore online.

In the same way, these technologies that we will review below have made life easier for those who are on the field; both for the referees who must bring decisions in seconds, and for players as well.

They recreated the position of the sun

Movies are not the only ones that can be seen in 3D. This technology came to soccer as well to recreate stadiums and help calculate the position of the sun during the game.

In this way, Sunlight Broadcasting Planning is the tool that is responsible for making a replica in a 3D dimension of the chosen stadium, and in the same way, it indicates what will be an exact position of the sun during the exact hours of each match.

This is how La Liga works because using this tool and knowing everything about natural lighting makes it easier for them to plan when soccer games gone be played.

With this technology, they can easily know which of the playing areas will have more sunlight, and which will enjoy the shade during the 90 minutes of play. They can also know which are the exact positions in the soccer playfield that will be under direct sunlight, foresee the best position of the cameras so that they are not affected by sunlight.
Technology & Soccer: Important Advances of this Great Industry

Virtual public for times of pandemic

During the pandemic, we were not able to go to the stadium and watch soccer games. Unfortunately, we had to spend time at home and watch them on TV. But watching football without the fun of hearing shouts and chants was not that exciting. So, the tech experts came up with a tool that recreated viewers in a stadium.

This ingenuity is ideal for lovers of good stadium environments and was also implemented by La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, and many others. This also showed how important are the fans in the stadium and how they bring more fun to watch live soccer.

It's important to note that all these sounds and the complete simulation of the game environment with audios were collected in previous seasons which has been proved as a good idea.

360° views and 3D recreations

You will for sure love this technology if you are one of those who loves to watch soccer matches from the comfort of your home and track livescore today, because, with this technology, you can easily watch soccer games in 360° perspective.

This technology was first time implemented a few years ago, but nowadays it got its full potential. Intel's Replay 360 is the tool that started at the Barcelona FC stadium. To do this, they surrounded the stadium with cameras that gave a total perspective of all the plays, which were then recreated in 3 dimensions.

In conclusion, these 3 technologies definitely changed the way they brought soccer into our homes and our TV.

Connect all your favorite blogs and website in one app. Get latest post on the go
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