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See How to Keep Ambition Alive in Your Children

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"The Way to Develop the Best That is in a Person is by Appreciation and Encouragement. There is Nothing Else That so Kills the Ambitions of a Person as Criticism From Superiors." -Charles M.

See How to Keep Ambition Alive in Your Children

Don't touch ... stop pushing buttons ... stop running at home ... leave the dog alone ... ask that ... "," Each of these phrases is common in a house occupied with children. extremely curious and if you are not careful you can look like a parrot. I want you to try the experiment. I hope that by applying the following suggestions you will solve the heavy burden of running a home with young children or even children.

Charles M. Schwab, a successful manager in the early 1900s, had a strong means of directing his employees. Schwab explained, "The best way to develop a person is best appreciated and encouraged; nothing else will kill a person's ambitions as much as criticism from superiors." This powerful leadership lesson can also be applied to our society. family relationships. As we encourage our children with love, we will find more peace and harmony at home.

Replace criticism with praise

Instead of using phrases that confine like, "stop," "don't," "quit," or, "no," use words that empower. Remember, a person is best developed through appreciation and encouragement. Years of telling a child, "No," will eventually produce an adult that has no ambition. Ask yourself, "Why do I want to stop my child?" If the reasons include, he might break it, he doesn't know how to use it, I am tired or I don't want him touching it, then perhaps you can spend some time teaching him the safe way to fulfill his desire.

Instead of saying, "Don't," try saying, "Do it, like this." Then, show them how to do it. Next time your child is getting into something, take a look at the situation. If it's not something that is going to permanently injure him, let him have the experience. Praise and encourage your children when they try new things and are safe in their activities.

Understand wants

This might sound silly, but it needs to be said. When a person does something, it's because he wants to. People are driven by their wants and can accomplish anything when they have a burning desire. How do you feel after someone says, "No," when you want something? Your children and spouse feel the same way when you criticize or confine them. Children want to participate, learn, experiment and test the boundaries of their environment. Be a mentor and set them free to explore their surroundings. If you don't, someday, when your child is older, you may just wonder why he or she doesn't want to do anything in life. Inspire your child to want great things.

Teach consequences

Sometimes a child cannot foresee the end result of his desires. As a parent, you have a great deal of experience to draw from and can help nudge your child in the right direction. The cost of an action can outweigh the desire of something. Teaching your children how the consequences of a specific course of action can influence behavior in a positive way. A child must understand the why behind your instructions. The why is probably the most important thing you can explain when telling a child not to do something.

We all want our children to be better than we were. This is a delicate process that cannot be forced. Our children will make their own decisions. You can serve as an advisor and a role model to encourage them and express appreciation for them when they do something good. Remember to use encouragement and appreciation to keep the fire of curiosity alive in your children.

About Dustin A. Wiggins
Dustin A. Wiggins, author of 180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage, is passionate about discovering ways to strengthen the family. He loves to write and explore different parts of the world. You can follow him on twitter @_DustinWiggins or check out his blog Lessons of Wisdom to stay updated with helpful and inspiring ideas.

Source | Credit: FamilyShare

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