Friday, 10 January 2020

Top 9 Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Probably Hiding From You

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Being in a stable relationship is the ultimate goal of every man. Your girlfriend may love you here for Pluto, but there are things that keep or hide from you. They need to preserve their feelings or because they are too scary to admit what they really care about.

Top 9 Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Probably Hiding From You

Here are 9 things women hide from their partners:

1. She still checks up on her exes.
Your girlfriend had broken up with someone before they met you. Maybe it was their first love or that boyfriend they just check on to know how “They are faring” or they want to be “just friends”. Either they text a lot or they communicate through other means.

2. There is a member of your family she doesn’t like.
In every family, there is that family member that everyone doesn’t like. Maybe it’s your drunk uncle or that chatty – nosey auntie but there is definitely a member of your family that she doesn’t like.

3. That she still has photos of her ex.
Most of the women will admit they still have that photo of their exes that they keep. It might be that special photo they took on their day out when she fell in love for the first time or just a photo of her ex that holds some memory to it.

4. That she is afraid of commitment.
It’s usually men who are afraid of commitment in a relationship. However, some women are scared of devoting their lives to someone in a committed relationship. They are afraid if you are the right person to spend their lifetime with.

5. Her bestie knows everything about you.
Your girlfriend will not tell you that her best friend knows everything about you. From the size of your bank account to the size of your other, um ….When you meet her bestie and she is looking at you weirdly, she knows –and you cannot do anything.

6. She will never tell you how many men she has slept with in the past.
So she was honest and told you he has slept with four men in the past? No, actually when a woman tells you she has slept with four men the correct number is 7. This is partly intentional, don’t judge her she doesn’t want to appear “loose.”

7. She has stalked your exes.
Chances are, she has stalked at least one of your exes. Either online or physical if she knew them. She has at one time gone through your phone just to see if you talk to your ex

8. She’s constantly testing you.
Remember that time she asked you what would you do if you discovered if she cheated? Yes, she was testing you. She constantly observes, analyzes, and judges every action, word, gesture when you are talking to her to see your reaction on sensitive matters.

9. She loves it when you get jealous.
When you ever see her flirting in front of you with the waiter, the conductor, or another guy at a party, know she’s actually flirting with you—through him. She wants to see how jealous you can get and if you really care about her.

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