Saturday 15 October 2016

List Of Top 51 Proxy Sites (Free Proxy Server)

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List Of Top 51 Proxy Sites (Free Proxy Server)

Proxy servers allows you to have access to blocked and restricted websites and web pages as well as making your activities online anonymous. You have full control of what you do and you can also change your browsing location with just a proxy server


A lot of us uses different types of VPN to unlock certain browsing tweaks and most times the secret behind it is the type of proxy server that was tweaked. 

Apart from giving you access to restricted sites by bypassing an ISP proxy through setting your browser to use 'another proxy server', you can also change your browsing location with a proxy. For instance, you can be browsing from Nigeria but others will be seeing your location as United States just because you used US IP

Proxy servers can cache up web pages hence speeding up your browsing experience as data are retrieved seamlessly among other benefits. 


There are still some risks and disadvantages of using proxy servers (though not much). You just have to be proactive in some cases. 

You should not use these proxy servers while visiting web pages that require your sensitive information like bank details (credit card information), birth dates, bio data and so on because most of this free proxy servers or sites does not guaranty your details are safe, they are very most likely to fall into bad hands, as a matter of fact, the risk is very high. This is why you should be proactive and use your brain while doing certain things online. Well below is the list for top proxy sites. 


1. Proxify –

2. Free Open Proxy –

3. Proxy 2014 –

4. Unblock YouTube Free –

5. kProxy –

6. BlewPass –

7. Zfreez –

8. 4everproxy –

9. Unblock My Web –

10. YouTube Unblock Proxy –

11. Vtunnel –

12. –

13. New Ip Now –

14. Ninja Clock –

15. AnonyMouse –

16. AnonyMizer –

17. Defilter –

18. Free Proxy Server –

19. Free YouProxyTube –

20. –

21. Working Proxy –

22. Free YouTube –

23. HideOnline Proxy –

24. Vobas –

25. Vobas –

26. Don’t Filter –

27. Fast USA Proxy –

28. YouTube Free Proxy –

29. Proxyo –

30. Rapid Proxy –

31. Unblock YouTube Beat School –

32. Hiding Your Info –

33. Unblocker –

34. Quickproxy –

35. The Best Proxy –

36. EXCS –

37. Just Proxy –

38. Proxy-2014 –

39. VPN Browse –

40. ProxyOne –

41. Web Proxy Free –

42. Can’t Block This –

43. Hide The Internet –

44. Greatest Free Proxy –

45. Proxay –`

46. ViewTube –

47. PRO Unblock –

48. HideMyTraxProxy –

49. Working Proxy –

50. Star Doll Proxy –

51. USA Proxy -

You can select from any of the sites above. There are thousands of free proxies from different locations, counties and regions of the world.

Connect all your favorite blogs and website in one app. Get latest post on the go
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  1. Hi this is great list of sites which provides proxy services. Currently i am using Microleaves dedicated proxy ip which works fine for me. If you want to purchase it here is link from that you can buy dedicated proxies from microleaves.


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