Sunday 12 June 2016

Friday 27 May 2016

What is the Plight of Homeless Children on Children’s Day? ‘Help Us Up’ Initiative Gives us a Touching Glimpse

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Charity Home, Peoples Charity Home
This touching video highlights the plight of millions of homeless children in Nigeria who have woken up today, Children’s day, hungry and homeless.

‘Help Us Up’ will be giving to the the Royal Diamond Orphanage Home in Lagos. To support the cause, please visit

The video was produced by Up in The Sky and the initiative is supported by Film Service Media,, Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency (LASAA) and Wild Flower PR.

Remember you can help the cause at

Watch the video Below:

Friday 15 January 2016

Child With 'rugby ball' Head Tumour Desperately Needs Life-Saving Operation.

Child With 'rugby ball' Head Tumour Desperately Needs Life-Saving Operation.
The parents of an Indian girl with a tumour in her head the size of a rugby ball are desperately pleading for an operation that will save their daughter's life.
Renu Singh, three, suffers from a strange tumour in her head that has swollen to the size of a small rugby ball.
The unusual condition not only leaves her in unbearable pain but also unable to walk, sleep or sit normally because of the weight of her head.
The girl's parents are hoping to find a doctor willing to take on her care and help cure her. Mother Pramila Singh, 30, who works as a domestic help is inconsolable with her daughter’s plight.

Thursday 17 December 2015

Steps To Get a Blog ID and Comment on Bloggers Blog


''Good-day Blog Mall Nigeria;I have observed recently that most blog readers actually want to comment on your blog(and other blogs too) but they don't know how to go about creating a blog I.D or commenting on any after going through this, and read how most readers needed a google I.D.

I decided to help through with the basic steps so as to help them through(because not everybody knows how to search on google to get answers) here it goes:

Friday 13 November 2015

Photo: 27-year-old woman dies after acid attack in Benue State

The woman who was attacked with acid a few days ago died on Tuesday, November 10, at the Federal Medical Centre, Markudi, where she was receiving treatment for first degree burn. Ladi Moses, 27, a resident of the old Nigerian Prison Service Yard, Wadata, Makurdi was reportedly attacked with acid by a young man suspected to be a boyfriend.

 "We heard that her supposed boyfriend, popularly known as Baba, called her out of the house, saying he had something to discuss with her." an eyewitness revealed.

Baby with two heads: Mother gives birth to conjoined twins

A Bangladeshi mother has given birth to conjoined twins - with two heads but one body. The baby was born on Wednesday, November 11, in Dhaka, Bangladesh by Caesarean section and is currently receiving post-natal care at the government hospital. A doctor at the Standard Hospital of Total Healthcare where the baby was born, Abu Kawsar said that tests showed the baby has only one set of vital body organs but two heads.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

photos:- Househelp chops off toddlers hand

Facebook user Agbasi Uche Dorothy shared this photo writing: "We need to be careful with house helps. This is what a house help did to an innocent child". She didn't give further details. Don't know if this happened in Nigeria...the child also looks dead. Oh God! Why do you let evil people prevail?
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Tuesday 3 November 2015

Photo: 4 year old boy kidnapped by gunmen in Abeokuta

A four year old boy identified as Steve Kanu was forcefully kidnapped at his parents home at Laderin Estate in Abeokuta, Ogun state yesterday November 2nd evening. Eyewitnesses say the little boy opened the gate to his parents compound for people who pretended to be visitors.

Immediately they saw him, they took him and whisked him into a waiting vehicle that had no number plate. Efforts to chase them by some residents was unsuccessful as the kidnappers kept shooting as they fled the scene. The state police command say they are currently working to free the boy.
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Wednesday 28 October 2015

Any Way Out?? Love-making With My Husband No Longer Turns Me On -

I’m married to my childhood sweetheart. We lived together for a few years then got married three years ago.
He’s a lovely and responsible man and I’m lucky to have him. We have a great relationship, apart from the physical side.
His love-making no longer turns me on as it used to.
I’ve never considered cheating on him though lately, I’ve told myself that if the chance arose, I might just go for it.
I love my husband very much and we have a cute one-year-old son.
He’s very extroverted and I’m sure he’ll be terribly hurt if this marriage breaks so would I.
Is there any way out of this.
Source: Vanguar

Saturday 24 October 2015

Buhari sends delegation to Adamawa and Borno over yesterday's bomb attacks

Press statement from the presidency
President Buhari has sent a powerful delegation to two states, Adamawa and Borno States to condole with their governments and people over the increased bombing activity by Boko Haram terrorists, with a strong appeal to local populations to share in the responsibility for security in their surroundings.
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Tuesday 20 October 2015


Whisper Amanda thanks you all for the help you offered her on her contest (Miss FENI), She urges y'll to help her on the final vote. She is known as Miss Uni Abuja. follow the link below  to vote for Miss Uni Abuja. or Click Here