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The Fight Is For Equality, Remember?

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Feminism: A social theory or political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on women must be removed in order to bring about equality of both s@xes in all aspects of public and private life.
The Fight Is For Equality, Remember?

I got this definition from one English dictionary on my phone but its apt enough and on this basis, I daresay I am a feminist. And every human being who doesn't have his/her central nervous system infected with the serious, terminal disease we now know as "stupidity" should be a feminist. It's only right.

The fight to give women equality (or equity as some would prefer to say) is one we are both winning and losing. I'm glad we are winning, I have a 13-year old sister I love more than anything in the world and I would hate for her to be denied opportunities and rights just because she doesn't have a d@ck dangling between her legs. But we are also losing this fight and everyone seems to be ignoring the consequence of taking this L; which is that we're creating a very sinister world where it's fast becoming a disadvantage to be male.

You know, as toxic as this world is to females (and yes it's really toxic, I know), women also enjoy quite a few benefits over males that guys really don't complain about. Only a few weeks ago, I got into trouble with a lecturer of mine for protesting what I felt was a clear case of bias in favor of some of my female colleagues. What happened? Well I'm glad you asked. We were at a clinical meeting and drinks were being passed round. Unfortunately, there were only 3 drinks left by the time it got to my row which was made up of 2 girls and 4 guys. And in an act of what he must have assumed was chivalry, this bald headed dude of a fellow instructed that the 2 girls take one drink each while the 4 of us guys share the last one! I'm still yet to fathom how that makes more sense than asking the two ladies to share one drink while the 4 guys share the other two so everyone gets the same amount across board. I mean, equality right? We had all endured the same amount of work that day, we all had to seat through the same boring ass meeting, we were all equally tired, the male scrotum does not harbour a sugar tank that keeps us energized so why were we being treated differently?! Anyways, I consoled myself with the fact that the man is going to remain bald for the rest of his life and there is nothing any drugs or herbal concoctions can do for him and frankly that thought soothes me enough to forgive him so it's whatever.

That brief story doesn't even begin to encapsulate the many instances where men are placed at a disadvantage just for being men. Examiners continually take a softer approach to women during oral exams and interviews. An exhausted man has to "be a man" and vacate his resting spot for a tired woman. Women are given the benefit of the doubt in r@pe claims even though the cases of false r@pe are on the rise. The examples are innumerable and while you might argue that these are merely trivial issues, they still sting. I think back to the day myself and the other guys in my group were made to walk 400m in the blazing hot sun while the girls in our same group were driven in an AC fitted car by our lecturer, only to get the venue and witness the same girls being served food first and I just want to punch a hole through the freaking wall. Again I'll say it, louder this time, THE MALE SCROTUM DOES NOT HARBOUR A SUGAR TANK!

That being said, there are the much more serious issues too. Imagine my frustration when I saw this headline on the New York Post's twitter account: "Woman who forced her ex into s@x at machete-point sent to a psychiatric hospital." One, the headline very purposely avoided the clear and much shorter synonym for "forcing someone into s@x" errr r@pe I think it's called. Possibly he was getting paid per word and the longer version was more profitable for him but how do you excuse this woman who approached r@pe like a Game of thrones character (cuz I mean who r@pes with a machete in hand) being sent to a psychiatric hospital in the same world where lucky men get jail time and unlucky ones get
castrated and anally r@ped as punishment. Why should women who r@pe be treated any differently?

Don't even get me started on the issue of alimony. Tiger Woods ex-wife waltzed into the top 50 richest women in the world just off a divorce and you have to wonder why a man should be made to pay a large percentage of his wealth and life's hard work just because of a divorce. It's even more laughable when you realize the law does not protect men in the event of infidelity; a woman can marry a much richer man, cheat on him, and when he files for divorce she still walks away with 50% of everything he spent his life acquiring! Inside what? Inside life! Lol.

I was sure I already held the record for "the most frustration that one human being has felt without losing his sanity but you see records are there to be broken and I definitely set exceeded that record when I read the story of the hotel cleaner who stole (and confessed that she stole) a millionaire's sperm and used it to impregnate herself en route winning the child support battle! The man is being compelled to pay 2 million dollars to a woman who frankly I consider a lunatic, for the support of a child created from his genetic material without his consent! Basically this man was r@ped and is being made to pay money to his own rapist and the matter is being swept under the rug because the victim is a man.

For real though, there are a lot of acts of injustice perpetrated against men that the world is being silent about. And I find that silence uncomfortable. Look at the examples I gave above and you'll see the pattern clear as day; the modern world is attempting to fix years of evil done against women by punishing boys and men and it is not in anyway the solution. A colleague of mine predicted that in the next 20 years it will be a thing of shame, a huge disadvantage to be born male and seeing the Barry Allen-esque rate at which the misandry movement is gaining momentum, the only thing he might be wrong about is the time frame in which that event will happen. Because make no mistake, we continue like this and it will happen. What they aren't seeing however, or are seeing but choosing to neglect, is that this trend of making modern men suffer for the sins of their ancestors is building resentment in boys and men against women. It's no coincidence that more men in the US are ordering the murders of their ex-spouses in an attempt to get out of alimony payment. Some are even committing the murders themselves to save cost.

The day the drink issue I described above happened, for a brief moment, I won't lie, I felt a flash of strong hatred towards every XX-bearing member of the human population (and that included my own mother and sister, lol.) If this resentment continues to build in young boys at some point they're going to fight back, leaving us with a full on war of the genders. Misandry vs Misogyny. If that fight gets physical, let's be honest with ourselves, there's only gonna be one "winner." And even if it doesn't get physical, there is already so much hate on the planet that we really don't need more going round.

Let me close this by saying I'm not in anyway oblivious to the fact that it's not all rosy for women yet. A lot of atrocities are still happening to young girls and women around the world and it disgusts me to the very bone marrow. However, I'm asking you to also not be oblivious to the fact that the modern world is attempting to balance itself out by slowly shifting the burden of inequality to the male gender, a trend that can only lead to problems for the unborn male child and the world at large if allowed to continue.

The fight is for equality, remember?

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