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See 4 Things Married Men Need to Start Doing

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Want a Better Marriage? Here Are Four Simple Ways to Start. These articles started many conversations and hopefully helped to create new healthy habits in many marriages. As a follow up, I wanted to have a more positive outlook and focus on the important things husbands should get (or KEEP if you have already started).

See 4 Things Married Men Need to Start Doing

This list is not exhaustive and many married men already do, but I think these are good reminders for all of us. I certainly don’t write that in a judgmental tone; I list the things I need to remember about myself!

Folks, I hope this simple list encourages you to take steps to improve your relationship. Ladies, do not use this list as a scoring list to keep track of your husband's work, but as a topic of conversation to talk more about his and her needs and how you can work together to strengthen the relationship.

There is no specific order, here's what married men should BEGIN (or Keep doing it):

1. Speak with a warm, encouraging TONE in your voice

Guys, we're sometimes tempted to treat our home like a locker room where we can bark out our words and demands in an aggressive, condescending or competitive tone. The words we speak will have tremendous impact in our marriages, but the tone of those words matters just as much as the words themselves. You may not realize how you're sounding, but chances are, your wife would appreciate more warmth, tenderness and kindness in your tone. Ask her. It may create some valuable conversation.

2. Do something romantic EVEN when it's not a holiday

Most guys will get some flowers to do some thoughtful on Valentine's Day or a birthday, but it's on those many "ordinary" days in between where romance and thoughtfulness are most important. Surprise your wife with some unexpected romance. Send a love letter. Bring home flowers on a random Tuesday. Take her out to a nice dinner when she's not expecting. Show her by your actions that you're still crazy about her and give her the continuous pursuit her heart desires.

3. Tell her she's BEAUTIFUL

Most guys are willing to say, "I love you" with some regularity, but few guys see the importance of saying, "Wow! You are so beautiful!" Even though you might be thinking it every time you look at her, she doesn't know what you're thinking. You need to say it out loud. She wants to hear those words from you and she wants to hear them OFTEN.


I hear men often talk about how they wish their wives would regularly initiate s@x, but those same men are often oblivious to the fact that their wife has a strong desire for him to initiate more conversation. Your wife feels close to you when you're communicating. Her questions aren't intended to interrogate you about the details of your day; she simply wants to connect with your world. Open up to her. Call and text her through the day. Turn off your phone at night and have uninterrupted conversation. It could make a world of difference in your marriage.

About Dave Willis
Dave Willis is a husband and a father of four sons ranging in age from preschool to high school. He’s also a prolific writer, speaker and podcaster whose popular relationship blogs have reached more than one hundred million readers worldwide. The article below is a modified excerpt from his new book, Raising Boys Who Respect Girls.

Credit | Source : FamilyToday

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