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Real Estate Opportunities - Do you know that Real Estate is the way forward with lots of opportunities? Check this Out

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Landed property, sometimes called real estate has various money making opportunities within it. Either you are in it as an investor, developer or agent, you too can plan an important role in the sector; and cash in on it.

Real Estate Opportunities - Do you know that Real Estate is the way forward with lots of opportunities? Check this Out

Within the industry, there are various roles we all can play. Looking at the vast opportunities available in this sector, we can be sure of taking advantage of it through what we'll be talking about here.

Before going into the nitty-gritty of opportunities in the sector, let's define real estate business.

What is Real Estate Business?

Real Estate Business is a profession or business of buying, renting out or selling of properties such as land, homes, buildings and apartments for commercial or personal use. It can also involve the development of landed property and management of those properties.

For this reason, any individuals or entities involved in any of the listed activities within the above definition is in a real estate business. For those looking to venture into the landed property business, you can have a look at Tips on starting up a real estate business.

Now, let's go through the top real estate business ideas with good return on investment.

1. Be a landed property developer:

As a real estate developer, you will be involved in the coordination of all activities relating to landed property developments. Additionally, you may be the landlord of the development after construction. In that case, you will generate substantial amount of residual income from collection of ground rents and other service charges.

Although, real estate developers take the greatest risk; for that reason, they make the biggest profit in the real estate development chain. Going through the role of the developer below, it is obvious that the developer must know what it entails to make profit.

Here are the basic roles of a property developer:

 Buy landed;
 Finance landed property deals or arrange mortgages;
 Develop building design and coordinate its constructions;
 Obtain government and public approvals;
 Make sure all safety regulations are met;
 Build the structures (or appoint builders);
 Manage all aspect of the construction process;
 Accountable for all financial activities (disbursement of funds);
 Market the developed estate;
 Coordinate renting out or selling of the property.

2. Become a real estate investor:

In reality, there are three simple ways you can make money in landed property business. These are:

 Collecting rental income;
 Property equity collection; and
 Profit generated from other activities on the landed property.

Let's quickly go through each one of them.

 Collecting rental income:

There are more tenants out there looking to rent a property; therefore, you need to rent out your property to the right tenant to make money. As you may be aware of, collecting rents from your tenants is a way that gives you regular rental income. As a matter of fact, this type of income is very simple to understand; just make sure that you have reliable tenants that will not default in their rent payment.

If you took out mortgage to buy the property, you have to make sure that your rental income covers the mortgage repayment; and at the say time, leave you with a profit after all deductions.

Property equity collection:

Year-in -year-out, the value of a property may increase. If that value increases, a real investor knows that it is time to cash in on that increment. Although, not all property equity increments means profit; you need to factor in some parameters such as inflation rate. If the percentage of increment is greater than the rate of inflation, that is a good profit for you; then you may decide to cash in on the profit. If it goes the other way, that may not be a time to collect your equity.

Most real estate investors make good profit from their landed property when there is a rise in property value.

Please Note: It is important to realize and understand that property values do not always increase.

Profit from other activities on the landed property:

Give or take, your real estate business can give you some steady income through others services rendered. For example, if you have a mall as your landed property, you may charge for car parking on the estate. Or you may even create a car washing or valeting business on the premises. This will give you additional revenue streams.

Be that as it may, these additional services are extra activities that will add to your income as a landed property investor. All in all, most real estate investors are also financier in the industry.

3. Be a property manager:

In property management, your role is to manage properties for yourself and/or other property owners. By doing so, you will be generating substantial amount of income through any of the following:

Collection of a flat amount of money for your role; or
Take a percentage cut from rent collection (usually 10%).

In that case, you have a steady income from your role.

As a property manager, here are your roles:

 Source for tenants to occupy the property;
 Collection of rents from tenants;
 Building management and maintenance;
 Carry out safety checks; and
 Estate financial account management.

As can be seen, a property manager has variety of role to place in the management of an

estate. You as the manager (or the management company in charge), may decide to outsource some of these roles to other professional. Therefore, making it more easy for you to be more accountable. Remember, accountability is key in this role.

In order to make more money within this role, you will need to source for more clients. That is to say, the more properties you have in your portfolio to manage, the better it is for you.

I wish you good luck!

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