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1. Acquire Vocational Skills

The service year is a period where you can be a boss of your own and be self-employed. Gains skills like fashion designing, catering, cosmetology and much more depending on whatever you are interested in. Enroll for Skill Acquisition And Entrepreneurial Development (SAED) programs.

2. Get Professional Certification

You don’t need to depend on your BSc or HND certificate only. The workplace is changing drastically. “You need to give them what they want before you can get whatever you need”. Get an affordable and accessible platform to run professional courses so you can be employable at the end of your service year.

3. Engage In Retail Businesses

During the period when you are serving your fatherland, you can as well serve yourself by engaging yourself in a small business that will at least fetch you income rather than depending on the allowance from the federal government or state. If you know about snacks, you could be making snacks and more other things.

4. Get A Place Of Secondary Assignment

Asides from your place of primary assignment (PPA), you can devote yourself to other activities, you can get a place of secondary assignment where you seek a part-time job or work during the weekend.

5. Help Students Write Their Research Projects

Most final year university students always have problems writing their research projects. It gets cumbersome for some, especially those who are not entirely academically sound or do not wish to risk failure. To ensure they can get a professional paper written, they tend to outsource them to individuals and businesses who focus on writing research projects.

As a youth corps member, you could market your professional research project writing service to university students and use a large part of your one year to write and deliver a bulk of them.

6. Organize Professional Training

Most students try to acquire professional certifications during their academic years. Organisations also do spend a lot of money training their staffs periodically, to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest sales strategies, technologies, and industry standards that will help the organization grow.

7. Start An Agricultural Business

The Nigerian prospect for entrepreneurs venturing into Agriculture has shown beyond doubt that any entrepreneur who runs and grows a successful farm can generate high revenues from exports and local sales.

8. Start A Neighbourhood Dry cleaning Service

A constant increasingly busy workforce reduces the time people have to focus on doing their laundry, and so, they mostly take them to the neighbourhood drycleaners.
Asides the working population, most people have needs to dry-clean special items like curtains, suits, native attires, and a whole lot more. And because of this, they go on to periodically drop their clothing in the nearest or recommended affordable drycleaner in their neigbourhood.

9. Start A Home Tutoring Service

With the advent of fast growing tutor platforms like Prepclass and the likes, a graduate can easily register on their platform and get assigned to parents and their children for a home tutoring service. They’re then given a period during the week where they coach the child, and get paid directly by Prepclass.

10. Start A Photography Business

The photography business continues to grow every day. It is spread across so many categories that people go on to focus on single niches like lifestyle photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, and a whole lot more.

11. Start A Fashion Design & Tailoring Business

The fashion business is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria. So many people are venturing into it because of the extraordinary demand by the market, the increased needs to amend and sew custom-made clothing from scratch, the widespread growth of fashion shows and events, the attractive profit margins generated by some fashion designers, and the prospective long-term growth of the business.

12. Start A Bakery Business

The bakery business is another fast growing business in the country. The increased demand for junk food at schools, markets, neighbourhoods, and several public places continues to grow the prospects the industry has.

13. Start A Professional Cleaning Service

Organisations and individuals usually require the services of professional cleaners to keep their offices and homes neat. Busy workers pay some cleaners to tidy up their environments on the weekends, while companies usually sign long-term contracts with professional cleaning businesses to keep their surroundings looking neat.

14. Start A Food Supply Business

One business that will never run out of customers is the food supply business. People always need to feed, and as such, they visit canteens, restaurants, and even patronise people who supply home cooked meals to offices and various locations. 

15. Sell On Online Marketplaces

Finally, you can buy and sell items on online marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and a whole lot more. By doing this, you don’t get to pay for web hosting, online advertisement, website design, and several other maintenance costs that can eat deep into your business. Instead, you get to focus on buying and reselling the products that people want, at the cost of nothing.

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Connect all your favorite blogs and website in one app. Get latest post on the go
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