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After Nysc.. What Next? - See How To Become A Successful Ex-Corper

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How To Become A Successful Ex-Corper

Is not about becoming a corper or been done serving your country, but what's your next plan after that? though some have planned while some have not. see below details on how to become a successful Ex-corper

After Nysc.. What Next? - See How To Become A Successful Ex-Corper

1. Build A Network Of Friends: 

determine how to survive in a country like ours, here are amazing tips that would help you as a ex-corper find your feet and stand out from others:

In this society where "connections" thrive, think of relationships and friendships cultivated and built as investments, the rewards will come sooner than you think. You would be surprised that your first set of clients would be your former classmates or fellow ex-corpers. 

Most corpers forget the purpose of the national youth service scheme, which is mainly to bring Nigerian youths together from different tribes and backgrounds to share ideas, learn, become more exposed and mix. For these reasons, it is good you maximize the opportunity and try to make friends wherever you find yourself; you will be surprised at what some will turn out to be in the future. And the social media has made it easy for you to always keep in touch. If possible, start a forum with your friends to share job updates and join an email list, whatsapp or Facebook group to get career leads.

2. Send Out Applications Early

Send out your CVs to as many companies as possible. There is no harm in trying, you might get lucky. Don’t send only to companies in big cities (Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja) but include those in the area you were posted to and other places you can easily relocate to. Don't wait till the final rush after the passing out parade or have hope that you will be retained in your place of primary assignment. Even if you do get retained, there is no shyness when you are making other plans or seeking for a better living! Leave your comfort zone, relate more, use your smart phones to your own advantage and tell all your friends, family members and colleagues what you are in need of. Don't just trust an "Uncle" high up who has always been promising you a job just after you finish school. You don't want to feel disappointed afterwards if he does not pull through. Also, if you are self-employed and seek patronage, your close ones will possibly be your first set of clients, your mouth piece and free advert board.

3. Always Have A Plan B

It’s alright if you want to work for an oil company, a big multinational or get a recording deal worth millions. That's your first choice right, but have an alternative plan or a plan for a worst case scenario. These are trying times, it not just a race of survival of the fittest but also of the smartest and it is only those who are fast and smart that really do survive. Nowadays, your success can no longer be determined by how many "links" or "First-class degrees" you have but by how you can successfully manage what you have and put them to use at the right time. If your dream job is not coming through yet, take another one and hold on till you get it. You can volunteer in your local community or consider selling something either on behalf of yourself or others. Whatever your passion lies in, do it while you consider waiting for the job. At the end, it’s another experience added to your resume. Besides, employers no longer like to see CVs with gaps unaccounted for. It can show that you have no ambition and can take no initiative.

4. Upgrade and Reinvest Yourself

Learning is always a continuous process and as long as your brain is working, put it to better use. Many fail to get their dream jobs or clinch the business deals for lack of preparation, poor planning and inadequate knowledge.

5. Remember You are not Alone. 

Learning is always a continuous process and as long as your brain is working, put it to better use. Many fail to get their dream jobs or clinch the business deals for lack of preparation, poor planning and inadequate knowledge.

Some ways to upgrade yourself can be getting a masters degree, been professionally certified in a field you need, joining a relevant body or association, attending conferences, seminars or events that would have top and knowledgeable people speaking, been identified with a skill and developing it (it may turn out to be profitable later), subscribing to job magazines, blogs or websites online, attending job fairs, workshops, seminars and trainings, improving your experience and networking with other professionals. Some events are free to attend so seize the opportunity to gain more exposure and there you can even get to meet potential employers one on one and make an application in person.

Don't ever feel desperate or frustrated when things aren’t going as planned. Let’s do a little maths! Do you remember how many other corpers attended the passing out parade with you? Multiply the answer by 36 (states), add other batches/streams in your year and note down the number. Now, check other unemployed graduates from previous sets and other job seekers who are non-graduates then subtract a small fraction of those who are gainfully employed either earning above or below minimum wage.

6. Set Your Priorities Right. 

Take a moment to think what is the most important factor influencing your final decision. Your present age, interests, location, marital status, financial resources or government policies are some factors to be analyzed when considering the next big step. In cases where the jobs offered come with age restrictions, set limits on how high you can climb in the industry hierarchy, frowned on by your spouse, requires much traveling, or its security is determined by government rules, would you be willing to settle for less or take it no matter the consequences? Consider your options well and think deeply before you get yourself engaged to avoid inconsistency. If paid jobs aren’t ideal for you, try out freelancing or self-employment.

7. Don't Fall A Victim 

Remember your personal data is out there for scammers and never-do-wells to use for their evil purposes. It will be so unfortunate that in your quest for a better life, you get scammed or hood-winked into shady deals too. There have been reported cases of individuals/companies promising heaven on earth jobs and lucrative deals.

8. Have A Budget And Save

It’s never too late to start saving. During your service year, you would have tried that. If you didn’t, start saving from now. But a better option would have been during your service. It may be your saving grace later. The amount saved can be enough to hold you in the trying times or start a new business.

9. Always Follow Your Passion Not The Money 

If you look around, you’ll be surprised how many successful makeup artists nowadays are also engineers or how many professional lawyers turned photographers or bankers turned popular comedians! It’s not always what you studied or did not study. The most important advice you will ever receive is to do what you love; that meaningless hobby you have now may turn out to be the money-churning venture in months to come.

10. Have Faith 

Believe in God no matter your religion, this would keep you going when every other thing fails. Meditate, reflect and cultivate a heart of gratitude no matter the circumstances. Be sensitive to opportunities around you, There is no place you can't survive within or outside Nigeria, no city is better once you find your purpose and locate where you are meant to be. Seek for God's direction so you will be tuned to know what is expected of you and where you are to carry it out so you don't labour in vain.

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