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10 cancer symptoms that most people ignore

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Are you interested in these warnings that your body gives you?

Medicine has been developing astoundingly over the last few years, finding new drugs that help control the various diseases that have persecuted and even died.
10 cancer symptoms that most people ignore

Despite the advancement in medicine, prevention is key to maintaining our health and preventing the disease.

Proper drug use is yet another important factor. Abuse can also cause harmful symptoms.

Cancer, a disease that intimidates many people, is more likely to be treated when treated early. It has stopped being so scary when we regularly conduct preventive testing.

Every day we have to be closely monitored because various symptoms indicate that something is wrong and that there is a need for medical help.

Since cancer can attack different parts of the body, it is crucial to pay attention to our bodies. Here are 10 warning signs of cancer.

1. Frequent cough

Frequent coughing can simply be a sign of allergies — but when the cough is very persistent you may want to consider seeking the opinion of a specialist. Even non- smokers can develop throat, larynx and lung cancer. Therese Bartholomew Bevers, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, said that "Most coughs are not cancer, but a persistent cough needs to be evaluated because it can be a symptom of lung cancer."

2. Weight loss without dieting

Though losing weight is the dream of many women, without dieting it can be the indicator of a disease. Look out for sudden weight gain as well.

3. Frequent pain in the joints

Joint pain is one of the symptoms of bone cancer, whether it is frequent or not. Getting headaches does not mean you have a brain tumor, but it's always nice to closely evaluate them. Many ovarian cancers are diagnosed after persistent abdominal pain. And lung cancer can be spotted from chest pains.

4. Fatigue without apparent cause

Being overly tired for no apparent reason can be a sign of the blood cancer Leukemia. Being aware of changes like this in your body can save your life.

5. Jaundice

When jaundice, the yellowing of skin most commonly seen in babies, appears in adults, it may be a sign of liver problems, including cancer.

6. Dark spots and freckles that change color and size

It is never a bad idea to have freckles and moles checked periodically. Also, all new dark spots on the skin should be examined. Skin cancer can be detected precisely from these spots.

7. Eye pain that persists

Pain in the eye, a symptom of eye cancer, can easily be mistaken as a result of being tired. If pain persists, consult a doctor immediately.

8. Discharges with or without blood

Discharges of different color and odor should also be investigated. Vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual period may indicate cervical cancer. Check in with your gynecologist at least once a year.

9. Hoarseness

Hoarseness can be started by the swelling of the vocal cords caused by a more serious problem, and could be a cancer indicator.

10. Diarrhea and bleeding

A diseased intestine can cause bowel changes.

Do not be terrified every time you notice any symptoms, such as those mentioned above. Remember that many of these things are also common symptoms of other illnesses and things we encounter on a daily basis. However, if any of these symptoms persists longer than normal, it is always smart to check it out. It could save your life.

This article is a translation and adaptation of the original article "10 sintomas de câncer que a maioria das pessoas ignora" published on familia.com.br.

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